TITAN ENERGY is a leading energy management consulting firm, delivering exceptional value to our clients. We work with clients to find the best electricity and natural gas products at the lowest cost. We do this by soliciting bids from up to 15 of the most well-regarded electricity and natural gas suppliers in the United States.

Titan brings exceptional value to businesses that want to take charge of their gas and electricity expenses. As a supplier-neutral broker and consulting group, we are experts at finding energy providers that serve our clients interests. Through commodity purchasing, risk management strategies, knowledge of historical spending trends and other avenues, Titan Energy is able to broker the best possible energy service and the best possible pricing for each client’s unique energy use profile.

Our long track record and reputation in the energy consulting business, has allowed us to develop strong relationships with suppliers—and the resulting savings are passed on to you. We pride ourselves on energy market expertise and best pricing methodology.

When you become a Titan Energy client, we are dedicated to helping you manage ongoing risk. We also offer consulting in energy-related areas such as best positioning in demand response programs, co-generation feasibility analysis, utility auditing, and demand-side management.

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