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And at what a time! This year has brought about massive changes in the energy sector and has made the time ripe for innovation and movement. Look below to see what’s in store and find ways to take advantage of this monumental time.

Welcome to The Power of Titan.

Locking-in to Great Rates.

Now’s the time to take advantage of rates before they shoot back up.
A mix of unprecedented and historical factors make it the perfect time for fixed rates.

Get in Touch With Your Agent Not Shopping for Energy Rates Can Be Costly

Fuel Costs.

Here’s a look at this year’s most intensive fuel costs.
Along with some comparisons from 2014-2017.

Winter Fuel Price Outlook for 2016 View it in an Infographic [2016+]

The Growth of Solar.

Higher efficiency panels and utility–scale projects are jumping Solar capacity ahead of Natural Gas.

For The First Time, Solar Will Be The Top New Source of Energy This Year How Solar Energy Could Be The Largest Source Of Electricity By Mid–Century